Building and scaling a business in recycling

Everyone talks about recycling and reusing resources but what does it take to setup & scale a business in this sector? A.L.N. Rao, CEO of Exigo Recycling joins me to share his experience.

We discuss in length about the recycling industry in general and the market evolution in India over the last few years among a range of other topics.

Key topics:

  • What it takes to set up & scale recycling business in India?
  • The importance of informal sector in the landscape
  • The evolving policy and regulatory landscape for recycling in India
  • Why is the process more important than the technology used in recycling?
  • Is this the boom time for the recycling market?

About A.L.N. Rao

A.L.N. Rao is the Chief Executive Officer of Exigo Recycling, India where he leads the company’s growth across various recycling categories. He is a sought after speaker, panelist, mentor and advisor in Recycling/Refining/Refurbishing industries, both national and international. He is associated with multiple associations in different capacities including at NITI Aayog, CII, MRAI(Material Recycling Association of India), MAIT (Manufacturers association of Information Technology) among others. His larger objective is “Offer valuable service to mankind that brings in a change and a smile”. Connect with Rao:  

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