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Rain Water Harvesting – Chilume- A Unique Way to Solve Water Crisis

Manjunath Gangadhar of Smart Sustain discusses with Latha about the rain water harvesting in this small town. Chilume is an unique concept of rain water harvesting that is gaining popularity.

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GES CONFLUENCE- An Amalgamation of Sustainability and Economic Choices

In his brief and mindful session with Manjunath Gangadhar of Smart Sustain, Jose Jacob, Director & Curator, expresses his views about sustainability and the need, relevance, and importance for businesses of different genres to work together.

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CREST – Solar Rooftop PV tool

CSTEP has launched an online tool CREST developed after LIDAR mapping of the Indian city of Bengaluru. The tool now allows utilities to assess the potential of solar rooftop and plan accordingly.

Manjunath Gangadhar of SmartSustain is in conversation with Jai Asundi of CSTEP

Aerial survey to know the potential for solar power on your roof #MissionShunya


Personal Air Quality Systems

“PAQS (Personal Air Quality Systems” has created a Smart Inhaler for asthmatics. This predicts in advance vulnerable and hostile environments to the users. The users are warned for poor air quality so that they can be better prepared.

Manjunath Gangadhar of SmartSustain is in conversation with Vaidyanathan of PAQS

PAQS – Smart Inhaler and Air Quality Monitor – My Air My Health

Eco-Friendly Art

“Tamaala” is the evergreen tree supporting all native art & craft. The Bengaluru based social arts organisation founded in 2015 currently supports livelihoods of over 145 village & tribal artisans, across 40 regions in India. Tamaala creates handcrafted products with a sustainable design and has a wide range of gifting options.

Manjunath Gangadhar of SmartSustain is in conversation with Suvarna Kamakshi of Tamaala

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How can you get such systems?

Manjunath Gangadhar of SmartSustain with Avinash Gautam of Silvan Innovation Labs

Carbon Reduction in a Box, Bottle and a Bag

Som Narayan, Co-Founder of Carbon Masters shares Carbonlites story

Shuttered Debris

An innovative  Construction Technique from Wallmakers

The Greenest Mill in The World

Srihari Balakrishnan shares the journey of KG Fabriks

World Water Day

Ganesh Shankar shares the story of FluxGen Technologies