Play a virtual game to plant real trees

Wouldn’t it be fun if your daily dose of game time resulted in planting more trees? Well, that’s exactly what Michael Libenson has set out to do with the EverForest game.

Michael joins me on this episode to share his idea behind this new game which is aimed to create a fun and socially inclusive behavioural nudges ultimately resulting in more trees on ground. Listen in to join the fun.

As you play in the EverForest, your mobile game-play will impact the real world. Because as you grow forests and make them flourish in-game, we’ll plant, grow, and protect trees in the real world on your behalf. We’re partnering with some of the world’s more forward-thinking organizations to help regenerate thriving ecosystems.

About Michael

Michael is a serial entrepreneur and avid outdoorsman, who hikes, climbs, skis, and runs at every opportunity. He believes that together, consumers, businesses, and governments can (and must) solve the greatest challenge of our time: climate change.

Connect with Michael and sign up for early game access:

Artwork courtesy – a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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