Why should we care about reducing our carbon footprint?

Why should we care about reducing our carbon footprint? Can we have a universal carbon label?

All this and a lot more discussed on this episode where Frank Dalene joins me for a conversation.

ICEMAN or International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed Neutrality is the market-based solution that gives the power to consumers to choose products with the lowest possible carbon footprint conceptualised by Frank Dalene.

With a proven method of establishing carbon emissions, carbon offsets, and carbon neutrality of various products and services, Dalene’s ICEMAN system gives consumers the visibility they need to make better purchasing decisions for the environment while capturing the power of competitive advantage to drive down carbon emissions on a grand—hopefully global—scale.

About Frank

Frank Dalene is President and CEO of Telemark, Inc and has over four decades of experience in the construction sector. On an even larger scale, Frank is innovating the manner in which companies can assess their carbon footprint. Through his ICEMAN (International Carbon Equivalent Mechanism Attributed to Neutrality) methodology, companies can get an accurate snapshot of their product’s carbon emissions on a standardized scale.

Connect with Frank: https://frankdalene.com/

Artwork courtesy – www.terregeneration.com a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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