Creating a unique value proposition

Every business needs a value differentiator, so how do entrepreneurs’ discover their USP/UVP? Premasri joins me to pick up a few entrepreneurs and their stories from the channel on this episode.

We begin with the story of EnergyX and their novel Lithium extraction process.

Post that, Teague and EnergyX have completed three pilot projects and recently raised a round of capital to get closer to commercial launch.. Its actually good to know about the progress of EnergyX over the last two and half years.

The next story is about Waterscope.

The waterscope technology has also progressed over the last few years and its good to know that they are close to large-scale deployment too.

Rimagined has built their value proposition on identifying local talent to create upcycled products.

Kathir and Eco-hike are creating a clothing range from recycled plastics bottles.

The Mission Shunya branded merchandise is made from recycled plastic bottles created by Eco-hike. Following on Kathir we discussed the story Organic solutions.

Talking of Organic, lets listen in to another passionate entrepreneur, Kapil who has setup a business around Organic Farming.

You can also listen to the stories on Spotify.

Or even on YouTube

Artwork courtesy – a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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