Reducing the carbon footprint of food

Did you know that growing your own food is good for the planet? Have you tried farming? If not, you can always rent a small farm to grow your food. This conversation with Kapil Mandawewala from Edible Routes is all about growing your own food and reducing your carbon footprint.

The closer the distance your food travels to reach your plate, the better it is for the planet. The idea of home gardens might sound challenging but with the right approach, there is plenty to gain by growing your own food.

The next step to take your interest in growing food forward is to rent a piece of land and allow experts to grow the food to meet your preference.  The farmlets like the one pioneered by edible routes provides people in the metros a chance to experience the real farming. Here’s how they do it

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About Kapil

Kapil is the founder & CEO of Edible Routes since its inception. He studied Masters in the US and later, he worked for Deloitte Consulting in San Francisco as a Senior Consultant for five years. In 2008, Kapil relocated to Gujarat to start organic farming at his 22-acre farmland. During the next five years, he established a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system through which residents could buy local, seasonal, and fresh produce directly from the farm. He then founded Edible Routes in 2015 with the aim to help more and more people grow their own food. With the Edible Routes team, he has created more than 1000 edible gardens and manages 25 farms in India across Delhi, NCR, Uttarakhand, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat.

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