Closed loop recycling of water

What happens to water after you flush it down the drain? You might not care. But, water is a stressed asset and it is high time we start to close the loop.

Closed loop recycling of water is the theme of this episode where Aditi of Organic Solutions joins me to share her story and the organic water treatment solutions developed by them for both small and medium scale residential units.

Connect with Aditi

Artwork courtesy – a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

About Aditi

With 12+ years of experience in water and waste water industry, Aditi Agarwal is serving the
mission of creating water abundance with a strong focus on Nature based solutions. Created a
sustainable sewage treatment product to disrupt the current approach of using complex, power
hogging equipment to treat sewage. The sewage treatment plant mimics the mechanism of
healthy soil and uses the power of earthworms and plants to treat sewage sustainably in a
hassle free manner to reach the triple bottom line of sustainability: good for the environment,
good for the economy, and good for the people
Her organization Organic Solutions is a pioneer in innovative decentralised sewage treatment
plants and in-situ bio-remediation for water bodies using the power of nature, with a vision to
convert sewage into an asset rather than a liability.


  1. Met her at Water Expo-22. They have created sustainable STP’s with no MLSS requirement at aeration tank and earthwarm based sludge digestion. The idea of closed loop has many challenges ahead. Ultimately clean water has became more scarce so no where to go except re-utilizing.

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