An upcycling story from the banks of Ganges

Help Us Green has pioneered the art of converting flower waste into a useful product recreating the fragrance as it upcycles the waste or called flowercycling. In the process they have created an ecosystem helping women in rural India earn a livelihood and respect within the community.

Karan Rastogi joins me on the podcast to share the story of Help Us Green.

About Karan

Karan Rastogi is the co-founder of the award winning social enterprise Helpusgreen®, that preserves river Ganges from becoming a religious sewer by flowercycling® the waste from temples/mosques dumped in the river into patented lifestyle products providing livelihoods to 128 manual scavenger families in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Helpusgreen® was recently praised by the honourable Prime minster Mr. Modi and the Chief Minister of State.. Toxic Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium from the harmful farm-runoff, pesticides and insecticides used to grow flowers mixes with the river water making it highly poisonous (PH 6-8.5). These major pollutants affect lives of 400 Million people -linked to contracting dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and severe diarrhea – which are the leading causes of child mortality across India and Bangladesh. Helpusgreen® won the Tata Social Enterprise challenge, TiE Global manufacturing awards, the prestigious ABBY awards, ISB iDIYA amongst others.

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