Building a career in clean-tech

Do you want to know what it takes to build a career in cleantech? What should you consider if you are planning to turn an entrepreneur?

On this special episode Rajesh Bhat joins me and shares his experience of witnessing the global cleantech transition and how young professionals can brace up to the challenge.

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Rajesh Bhat shares his experience of building a team and helping complete the large scale projects.

Whether you are planning to get into renewable energy like solar, wind or electric mobility, new technologies like energy storage or digital technologies that are under all of this, you should listen to this conversation.

If you are considering entrepreneurship, ask these questions What is the market? Price? value add for the long term? Always ask the question, how relevant is your product going to stay in the market?

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About Rajesh Bhat

Rajesh Bhat is a Recognized Entrepreneur, Founder member of very reputed companies with senior level assignments as CEO/ Managing Director.  He Was Advisor to Solar, EV, and New Technologies companies in India for acquisition, funding and and execution of solar project. He is Currently the Managing Director Global Marketing FTC solar, a company manufacturing trackers and software. He was the managing director for juwi India.


  1. It would be nice if AR, VR and MR are covered perticularly MS Hololense which has dramatic influence on work from home technocrats who can contribute without getting hands dirty.

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