How does climate change impact renewable energy generation?

How does climate change impact renewable energy generation? New evidence on how marine temperature rise and the unseasonal cyclonic events caused the variance in wind generation is here.

Asim Ahmed from REConnect Energy joins me on this episode to share his findings on how developers are coping up with the increased impacts of climate change in developing Renewable Energy (RE) projects. 

On an average there was 5-11% across India with a few regions accounting for about 15% variance in India on a yearly basis.

It turns out that the issue is not only India centric, even countries in Europe and US had this issue in recent past with climate change being the common factor of influence.  

Forecasting and scheduling has taken a 10-15% hit in terms of accuracy of prediction because of the variance in the predictions last year. The generators have a double impact, a loss of generation and the penalties they pay for the variance in generation.

About Asim: Asim Ahmed heads the Weather and AI platform development at REConnect Energy. Before joining REConnect, Asim worked with the Future Power and Energy Systems Lab at University of Manchester carrying out research on Multi-Energy Systems.

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