Converting waste to bio CNG and fertilizer

Kevin Houston , co-founder of Carbon Masters joins me on this episode to share his entrepreneurial journey. After  a 35 year  career with Procter & Gamble, PWC and IBM, which included international assignments in Turkey and Germany, Kevin took up the cause of climate change after seeing Al Gore’s film in 2006.  He returned to Edinburgh University in 2008 to do postgraduate studies in Carbon Management, where he carried out research on ICT and climate change.

On graduating he co- founded along with Som Narayan ,Carbon Masters, a carbon management company that works with organisations to help them in carbon reduction by leveraging innovative clean energy solutions that displace fossil fuels. 

In 2012 they  formed  Carbon Masters India Private limited in Bangalore. In January 2014 Carbon Masters India developed and launched Carbonlites,  India’s very first compressed biogas brand.  Carbonlites is a renewable  fuel made from the anaerobic digestion, purification and compression into cylinders of cow ,poultry and hotel food waste.  Carbonlites displaces diesel for electricity generation and transport and LPG for commercial cooking. It saves both costs and carbon emissions The slurry from the process is converted to a nutrient rich organic fertiliser which is used by farmers to  put carbon back in the soil and reduce their use of chemical fertilisers further saving carbon emissions. Carbonlites bio-cng and fertiliser  is today being sold in Karnataka and Andrha Pradesh.

Are you interested in setting up a decentralised unit anywhere in the world? Carbon Masters can help you with the complete process.

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