Enabling businesses and individuals go carbon neutral

How can you reach your net zero goals if you can’t directly invest in a project? Carbonfund.org enables businesses and individuals go carbon neutral.  Brian McFarland, Senior Vice President of Carbon Offset Projects joins me on this episode to share the story of Carbonfund.org.

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One of the projects supported by CarbonFund is REDD.

And when we talk of bio diversity and restoring carbon sinks we cant miss the Brazil story and the Amazon rain-forests the treasure trove of Bio diversity. (Here’s an earlier episode where we discussed this in detail).

COVID 19 has definitely had an impact on Carbon Fund’s activities this year but hopefully the recovery on this front is quicker and the projects and the carbon offset momentum doesn’t lose steam.

More information on Brian & CarbonFund: https://carbonfund.org/

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