Building and scaling up an energy analytics platform to support grid integration of Renewable Energy

Vishal Pandya, co-founder of REConnect Energy, an entrepreneur who has built India’s leading energy analytics platform joins me to share the REConnect story. It’s a very a candid and engaging conversation on entrepreneurship in cleantech sector and the 10 year journey of REConnect Energy.

REConnect actively engaged with the regulators to keep pushing for favourable environment to launch new products.

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REConnect also launched India’s first Over The Counter (OTC) power exchange for individual buyers but did face challenges from the regulator in getting to the market.

REConnect also got involved in setting up Renewable Energy Management Centres (REMC) in India. A big first step in enabling smoother integration of RE power.

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About Vishal

Vishal is co-founder of REConnect Energy – India’s largest Energy Analytics scaleup. Vishal has about 12 years of experience in energy markets with expertise in renewable energy policies, predictive analytics, restructured power markets and energy trading. His current role at REConnect Energy involves strategic business development, utility scale projects management, team building, growth hacking and everything else required to keep his organisation growing!  

Vishal is an electrical engineer (specialisation in Power Systems) from IIT Bombay and a Chevening Fellow (St. Cross College, Oxford) with passion for clean energy markets.

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