Delivering sustainability projects in the developing world

On this episode I’m joined by Sagar Gubbi, Managing Partner at Ecoforge Advisors, who shares the story of Ecoforge and how they are working to enable access to technology and capital in the developing world to combat the impact of Climate Change. Ecoforge works in the developing countries with investors and aid agencies in delivering sustainability projects and ‘forging’ relationships with cleantech entrepreneurs.

Sagar also shares the role of financing arms like the World Bank, IFC and the ADB.

Towards the end he also mentions about the new cleantech fund that Ecoforge is building to help new age cleantech startups bring their idea to the market.

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About Sagar

Sagar Gubbi is the Co-founder/Managing Partner of Ecoforge Advisors. He has over 13 years of experience in RE, EE, Energy Access, Energy Storage, Smart Grids, Microfinance and Engineering. Sagar has lead all of Ecoforge’s advisory and consulting projects (and also as independent consultant for a few projects). He has worked in India, Germany, UK, Philippines, Indonesia and conducted business in Thailand, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, East Africa, South Africa and Portugal. Sagar holds an MBA from the University of Oxford’s Said Business School, UK and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Sagar is based in Bangalore, India.

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