Solubag – Water soluble bags as an alternative to common plastic

“We want to eliminate single-use plastic bags” reads a statement on the website of Solubag, a company based out of Chile.

We all have heard this argument that single use plastic is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Here’s one of the reasons why it’ll continue to be a big problem.

Roberto Astete, Co-Founder joins Girish Shivakumar on this episode to share the story of conceptualising alternative products to single use plastics. The products from Solubag are soluble in warm and cold water distinctively.

The base material for the product is Poly Vinyl Alcohol or PVA, a water soluble synthetic polymer.  It is not a  novel material as Roberto mentioned, it is just how it is used to suit the existing manufacturing systems around the world who are into bag making. The next big distinction in Solubag’s approach is having distinct materials that are either soluble in hot or warm water and products that are soluble in cold water. How did Solubag get to developing such unique products?

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