Carbon Initiative Forum – Climate Change Awareness at Grassroots Level

The podcast episode is all about the need to be more aware of our actions and how Carbon Initiative Forum is helping create that awareness at the grassroots level. Sandeep Roy Choudhory, Director at VNV Advisory Services joins me on a conversation to talk about the work done by VNV Advisory Services and the other passion project, Carbon Initiative Forum, an initiative that aims to create climate change awareness at grassroots level.

One of the key projects that they work on is climate finance mechanisms for farmers to provide them access to working capital to make the right decision in farming. The aim is to develop climate resilient projects for agricultural communities.

In addition to quantifying the gains of the project in terms of SDGs, VNV also evaluates the individual project based on social return on investment (SROI).  The work around SDGs is not a tick box exercise.

Action item towards Mission Shunya

While you visit the website of Carbon Initiative Forum please take time to check the Carbon Footprint Calculator, an easy tool available on the homepage. By providing accurate inputs of all your activities you can estimate your carbon footprint and from there you can try to minimize the impact.  If you are a business owner, you can probably get a detailed assessment done through the links from the website.

About Sandeep

Sandeep is a co-founder at VNV Advisory Services, a social enterprise working with communities & climate change. He is also a director at “Carbon Initiative forum “, a non-profit working on climate change awareness and co- chair of ICROA ( International Carbon Reduction & offset Alliance ). He heads VNV’s ownership on low carbon social development projects such as sustainable agriculture, social forestry, clean cooking, water access , rural energy access, blue carbon and waste management. His work encompasses over 4 million rural households across the South Asia region (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Laos & Myanmar) with over 40 NGOs and implementation partners and over 400,000 hectares of land use under management . He is recently involved in spearheading VNVs efforts towards rural water access, crop storage, agri linkages and working with models of innovative financing through existing climate finance mechanisms to achieve scalability. He has recently launched a climate change impact fund to invest in startups relating to climate solutions.

Connect with Sandeep | Carbon Initiative Forum

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