Decarbonisation Futures – Australia’s road to net zero emissions

Discussing the global transition to net zero emissions is one of the themes of Mission Shunya (Shunya =Zero). Recently, ClimateWorks Australia, published the Decarbonisation Futures study that outlined the trajectory for Australia to get to net zero by 2050. Climateworks Australia’s primary goal is to enable Australia reach its net zero emissions by 2050. 

Tom Yankos who led the study joins me on this podcast episode.

The study as you would expect was a comprehensive one looking at various scenarios for Australia to reach its targets and in fact predicts that Australia could get there before time.

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ClimateWorks: | Report:

Action item towards Mission Shunya

I will stick with the podcast episode’s theme of net zero emissions scenario at a country level. The very first time I was moved by the idea of going 100% on renewable energy was when I worked for the company with that mission statement. It also got me thinking about the possibility of having a 100% of our energy supplied by clean energy sources and the very first resource I found was a book, Sustainable Energy – without the hot air written by David Mackay from the University of Cambridge. The one book changed the way people thought about this subject and the impact of Prof. Mackay’s work was significant. Many governments including UK and India and a few others adopted his approach and devised tools to evaluate the feasibility of having sustainable energy in the grid mix.  Prof. Mackay was a strong  proponent of the idea and wanted to get actual numbers do the talking. Unfortunately he is no more, but his work lives on. So, feel free to get a copy of the book, its available as a free copy online and check the net zero calculators built around the work developed by UK, India and other countries. I’m sure you will enjoy playing around with online calculator to check multiple scenarios at a country level. 

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