Zero Toxicity, Corporate Climate Actions and EU Green Deal

In the last few years we have come across commitments from a range of global corporations committing to going 100% RE, reducing their emissions to net zero or in fact turning to net positive. What are the targets based on, how realistic are these targets from the timeline perspective. We will discuss more of this on this episode.

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This episode is a candid chat with our guest who has done a lot of work in the sustainability space particularly being an active campaigner for European Union’s New Green Deal. He has also leads the sustainability initiatives for a large chemical company.

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As always there are companies who are not following the regulations and are indulging in greenwashing to an extent. However there are outliers who are being proactive in creating consumer awareness all the while being environmentally sustainable in the true sense. Large companies are making aggressive climate pledges, so how are these pledges conceptualised. What goes behind in the thinking?

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