Behavioural economics and play based learning to create environmental awareness among children

How can behavioural economics and nudge be used to create awareness on environmental issues among children?

Amishi Parasrampuria from Upcycler’s lab joins me to share the story of how products and games are designed with an intent to make play based learning more impactful.

I liked this story of Upcycler’s lab featured on the Mission Shunya podcast

Wouldn’t it be great if you can spread the sustainability message and teach things like waste segregation, pollution etc. while playing a game with kids? Well, this episode is all about that.

I hope you noticed how Amishi pivoted in her business early. Stuck to the core principle of having a bigger impact rather than just stay around doing business the routine way.

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And talking of the games itself, I liked the way each game was conceptualised keeping in mind the end consumer which in this case happens to be young kids.  How they would interact, what they would learn etc. So, head over to to find out more.

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