Micro-mobility: Kick scooters to Microlino

First & last mile commute account for nearly 25% of transport emissions and sustainable micro-mobility is the way forward.

Wim Ouboter, the ‘Swiss Elon Musk’, founder of Micro Mobility Systems joins me on this episode sharing his story of building a business around kick scooters and now launching the Microlino.

Key topics:

  • Importance of innovation in business
  • Storytelling and brand building
  • The role of partners in scaling a business

Branding and investment in innovation is key to surge ahead of the competition while story telling is key along the way. Irrespective of that building quality products is essential while there can be opportunities to partner with other brands to position yourself better in an emerging space like electric and micro-mobility. On a personal level, whatever you build needs to connect with the emotion of the customer.

Connect with Wim: https://www.micro-mobility.com/en/ |Fully Charged Episode: https://bit.ly/3HF6gd8  

Artwork courtesy – www.terregeneration.com a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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