Inspirational heroes, motivational stories: A special tribute

Episode 24 of the Mission Shunya podcast is a tribute to the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant and all the people like him, heroes who inspire us every day. On this episode I bring to you guest stories from the podcast whose work was featured in the previous episodes. Listen in as they share the reason on why they started their work or their intrinsic motivations.

Listen to the full episode here!

Talking of amazing stories and the inspiration behind them, what is that the inspires and motivates people to do what they do. I mean you have to admit the fact that the work done in this space at this point in time challenging the status quo is really hard. You really need that inspiration to push your limits and get going. So as a tribute to all the people who inspire our work and motivate us, lets listen in to a few stories from our guests whose work was featured in the previous episodes.

Let’s begin with Shailaja Rangarajan who shares her motivation on creating better urban spaces by Upcycling, you can listen to her full story on episode 8.

Following up on that story I featured another woman entrepreneur Padmashree Balaram on Episode 22 who helped setup a waste to energy plant.

Padmashree wanted to do it for children and thus began her story. I also featured Aayush Jha who went the other way and found an inspiration. Listen below

And the Solar Man from India, Dr Chetan Singh Solanki shared his journey, the Gandhi Global Solar Yatra on Episode 11. He has started a new movement called Energy Swaraj, what is it and who was his inspiration?

And talking of inspiration, I had two guests who were inspired by nature, here’s the bit from episode 18 featuring Neel Mathews, listen in to why he enjoys his lifestyle and what is real happiness according to him.

And then during the discussions on the Amazon rainforest wildfires, I had to ask the renowned global environmentalist Tony Juniper on his inspiration to get into environmental conservation. Again, that was an amazing story, you can listen to the full story on episode 20.

And finally I have to mention about the community that I’m part of, ‘ The Sustainability Mafia’. Well, what can I say about the community, every day we help each other out and move forward. The stories of every individual in the group is an interesting one in itself, you can listen to what we do by checking episode 13.  But, one part of the conversation where Ganesh Shankar emphasises on the need to be the change we want to see is worth a listen.

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