Energy Storage Thought Leadership

Dr Rahul Walawalkar is an industry veteran and has been at the forefront of the energy technology transition and has a particular affinity towards energy storage. On this 25th episode of Mission Shunya podcast he joins me to share his story. Rahul and I collaborated to launch India’s first energy and clean-tech podcast, Emerging Tech Radio in 2017.

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Dr Rahul Walawalkar is regularly seen speaking at various forums globally emphasising the need for energy storage and other emerging technologies. Rightly so, he began the emerging technologies practice for Customized Energy Solutions, a company with the global head quarters in Philadelphia, US. He now leads the Indian operations of CES and is also the founder and president of India Energy Storage Alliance. He has also held senior leadership positions at Global Energy Storage Alliance and other industry bodies. For someone whose name is synonymous with energy, how did it all begin? Listen in to the full conversation.

So yes, it has really been a pleasure to have known Dr Rahul Walawalkar and worked and collaborated with him. The energy and enthusiasm would rub off on anyone who interacts with him. He is also very welcoming when someone reaches out to him. So, you can connect with Rahul on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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