How do I choose the right EV? Here’s my 1000 mile update

Electric Vehicles (EV) are the talk of the town (globally)! So, how do you decide if EV is right for you? Which category of EV should you choose? What are the incentives available for purchasing an EV? All this and more discussed on this episode.

The story is a personal one where I’m joined by a special co-host, my better half, Premasri Girish to share our experience in evaluating our mobility options and deciding on buying an electric two-wheeler.

When you decide on an EV or any vehicle in general, the first principle is to look at the use case. In buying an EV, wherever you are in the world at this point, you could definitely leverage the incentives available from governments to make the EV purchase more affordable. Here’s what we looked at when we made the decision –

Have more questions on buying an EV? I’ll be happy to help. Missionshunya[@] is the id.

Artwork courtesy – a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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