The Start: Being an Eco-entrepreneur and pursuing a passion project

When was the last time you had a light-bulb moment for an idea? What drives you to do the work you do? How did you get started with your passion project?

All these questions lead to some interesting stories and this episode is a short compilation of such stories from a few of our guests who appeared on the episodes earlier. Pursuing a passion project or being an entrepreneur in the sustainability sector comes with its own set of challenges but the ultimate goal which drives them is climate action and getting to global net-zero carbon emissions.

Listen to the briefs from Jacob Cherian (Ep-33, Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki (Ep-11, Karthik Ganesan(Ep-16, Aayush Jha(Ep-17, Neel Mathews(Ep-18 and Tristan A. Foerster (Ep-60 on this episode.

Jacob Cherian on Regenerative Thinking and Going beyond Sustainability

Prof. Chetan Singh Solanki’s Gandhi Global Solar Yatra

Prof. Solanki is currenty doing an energy swaraj yatra –

Karthik Ganesan on how living in Delhi made him ask more questions about the air we breathe

Aayush Jha on his light bulb moment in building a business around clean air as a service

Neel Mathews on living a sustainable lifestyle

Tristan Foerster on how climate activism drives more business

Artwork courtesy – a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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