Building the cities of the future

68% of the global population will be living in urban areas by 2050 according to the UN but, are our cities prepared for it?

Joining me is Pedro B. Ortiz, an acclaimed expert when it comes to building cities. He popularized the Metro Matrix theory of city building. Among his various distinctions and roles include serving the World Bank and the city of Madrid as a Mayor.

How can building cities move away from the conventional methods to make them more resilient? Why should we build better cities if we are to reach the global net zero targets?

Pedro popularised the metro-matrix model of city planning. The Metro-Matrix Method is one way to address this issue and provides a solution for many metropolitan governments, as it has for Madrid since 1996. This methodology has been applied to many other metropolises subsequently.

Wundt’s curve – The topic was referred in the conversation and the graph (below) when applied to metropolitan grey infrastructure provision and management.

About Pedro

Pedro is currently a Senior Consultant on Metropolitan Management and Planning for IGO’s (International Governmental Organizations) as the United Nations, European Union, UN-Habitat among others. He consults as well for National and local Governments directly or through Consultancy firms. He has been Senior Urban Specialist at the World Bank. Prior to that he was also involved in an academic role as a visiting professor at the Milan Polytechnic and  previously founder and Director of the Masters program of Town Planning of the University King Juan Carlos of Madrid. Pedro also served in the public administration as former elected Mayor for Madrid’s Central District. He served as Director of the “Strategic Plan for Madrid” (1991-1994).

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