How to avoid a climate disaster by Bill Gates – A Review

The Mission Shunya podcast is also about a review, the review is of a different kind where I review Bill Gates’s book, ‘How to avoid a climate disaster’.

Begins the narrative with 3 points

  • Three things are clear
    • To get to net zero
    • Deploy tech what we have faster (wind/solar etc.)
    • Need better technologies to continue to develop at the other end

Why are everything around CO2e today? – CO2 stays longer in the atmosphere hence everything is in CO2e

  • The entire narrative is around 51Gigatons CO2e/yr
    • Making products – cement, steel, 31% of emissions
    • Generating energy – 27% emissions (Energy system is a $5Tn/yr economy)
      • Decarbonising & adding solar & wind should be more than 2X& 3X compared to recent years to fight climate change
    • Growing food – 19% emissions
    • Transport – 16% emissions
    • Keeping things warm and cool – 7% emissions

Green Premiums (GPs) – the cost differential between current solution that emits CO2 and its alternative that doesn’t

  • GPs for plastic is 10-15%, for steel is 15-30%, cement is 75-100%, low for EVs

Why is adaptation important?

  • Reduces the risk
  • Preparing & responding to emergencies is better
  • It is key to ensure that people are out of poverty for better

Listen to the full episode to know more about what we can do as consumers in this fight against climate change.

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