CO2 Battery: Manipulating CO2 to fight climate change

What are the drawbacks of Lithium batteries? Can CO2 be used as a source for a battery? Are alternatives to lithium batteries price competitive?

Claudio Spadacini, Founder & CEO at Energy Dome joins me on this episode to share the technology behind Energy Dome and how they are using CO2 against Climate Change. Energy Dome’s focus is long duration energy storage.

Why CO2?

CO2 is the perfect fluid to store energy cost effectively in a closed thermodynamic process as it is one of the few gases that can be condensed and stored as a liquid under pressure at ambient temperature. This allows for high density energy storage without the need to go at extreme cryogenic temperatures.

How it works?

In charging mode, the CO2 is drawn from an atmospheric gasholder, the Dome, compressed and then stored under pressure at ambient temperature in a high density supercritical or liquid state. When energy needs to be released, the CO2 is evaporated and expanded into a turbine, and then returned back to the atmospheric gasholder, ready for the next charging cycle.

By storing in the liquid phase at ambient temperature, we significantly reduce the typical storage costs associated with CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) without having to deal with cryogenic temperatures associated with LAES (Liquid Air Energy Storage).

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