Buildings as carbon sinks

Can buildings be turned into carbon sinks? What are the best use cases of carbon capture? All this and more covered on this episode featuring Soletair power.

Petri Laakso, CEO & Partner joins me on this conversation.

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How does it really work? Soletair Power manufactures CO2 capturing equipment connected to ventilation machines to make people more productive and wellbeing. Captured CO2 is combined with hydrogen to create hydrocarbons i.e. fuels. These fuels (diesel, gasoline, methane) are called electricity fuels.

One of the key takeaways for me from the conversation was how Soletair power has positioned itself as a solution provider for clean air in buildings looking at some intangible benefits like improving people’s moods and providing them with clean air for increasing productivity and well being. Positioning like a service helps the solution being commercially viable. Of course more research and development will definitely make it an even better commercially viable and attractive value proposition but that shouldn’t stop us from giving this a try.

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About Petri

Petri Laakso is CEO, Partner at Soletair Power since 2019. Before joining to Soletair Power Petri worked in photovoltaic business at Valoe Oyj in Finland as Vice President, Projects. Before Valoe Petri worked at VTT technical research centre of Finland in different positions developing advanced manufacturing methods like laser processing and 3D-printing.

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