Sustainable Plastics

How are companies in the plastic, containers & packaging sector transforming their supply chains to address risks from plastic pollution?

What do we know about the plastics industry and what should we know to be more aware of the products we use daily?

What are the roles of financing options like green bonds to support the plastic, containers & packaging sector to retool and transition towards and decarbonisation and less pollution in the industry?

All your questions on the plastics industry, the value chain and everything related to it discussed on this episode where Gabriel Thoumi, CFA FRM (Director of Financial Markets and Head of Plastics Programme, Planet Tracker) joins me for an in-depth conversation.

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How does the plastic manufacturing sector function and how do the products we use end up in your hands and then get disposed of? We discuss in detail these issues, including the basics of extended producer responsibility and who is responsible for what.

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Planet Tracker is a non-profit financial think tank aligning capital markets with planetary boundaries. It was created primarily for the investor community to analyse the risk of market failure related to environmental limits which, other than climate change, are often not aligned with investor capital. Planet Tracker generates breakthrough analytics to redefine how financial and environmental data interact with the aim of changing the practices of financial decision makers to help avoid both environmental and financial failure.

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About Gabriel Thoumi

Gabriel is a CFA and FRM qualified research manager in debt, equity, and commodity markets. He brings over 15 years of experience with extensive technical knowledge on integrating scientific and ESG data into financial models to determine pricing signals and asset allocation strategies. He has led many successful global investment research programs and engagement strategies. He has also achieved the Certified Ecologist certification from the Ecological Society of America.

Connect with Gabriel at or gabriel[at]

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