Delivering sustainability in the materials value chain

Will we run out of Lithium for EV batteries? Is Cobalt ethically sourced? How much of metals can we extract through recycling? All your questions on the sustainability of material extraction, global supply chains and circular economy answered on this podcast episode.

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Tom Van Bellinghen (VP, OEM Value Chain & Marketing) and Kedar Rele (Country General Manager & Director, India) from Umicore join me on a conversation.

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Umicore is a global  materials technology and recycling group and what caught my attention at first was their mission statement, ‘materials for a better life’.

We discuss battery metals and the availability especially crucial metals like cobalt 65% of which is in Congo and ensuring it is ethically sourced. How do you validate the authenticity of genuinely sourced materials?

60% of the metals is recycled but listen to the practical challenges in recycling of metals in some cases where the end use applications are not favourable.

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About Guests

Tom Van Bellinghen joined Umicore in 2009 as the Marketing & Sales Director taking care of Umicore´s Rechargeable Battery Materials business. In 2012 he became also responsible for raw material purchasing before becoming the VP Marketing and Sales in 2018. Since 2019 he’s focusing his time on managing the relationships with OEM’s worldwide and the global marketing responsibility for the Umicore rechargeable battery materials.

Kedar Rele is the Country General Manager & Director for Umicore India Pvt. Limited, part of Umicore, a global materials technology and recycling group. Kedar is responsible to lead and grow Umicore India business on clean mobility and Recycling business.Prior to joining Umicore India, Kedar Rele has a rich experience of one and half decade in the field of sales and marketing with US$45 Bn Aditya Birla Group.

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