Renewable Energy as a Service for Industries

Renewable Energy (RE) is one of themes as we transition to the zero carbon economy and how we enable commercial and industrial players switch to this source will be a key question to ask. RE procurement has moved on from being a corporate goal driven procurement for industries to cost-economics driven decision. How are the RE developers evolving to provide value  to this category of consumers?  How can Commercial & Industrial (C&I) spaces avail Renewable Energy as a Service? Is the timing right for Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPP)?

Siddarth Krishna Kumar from Renew Power joins the discussion to share his views on the new range of solutions being offered to the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) clients.

Well, as Siddarth points out in the conversation solar procurement has moved on from being a global Head Quarters driven ESG target procurement to being a financial decision across boards at this point in time. The price decline will cease in a while with more emphasis on consumer value and  for the value proposition in energy as a service. Of course amidst all this transition there is a certain amount of off-taker risk involved with the regulators playing their cards from time to time.

Also Energy Storage is moving from being a solution for niche sectors to a mainstream alternative.

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The growing interest in Round the Clock power at large scale will also drive C&I players to seek RTC power for their facilities, but, will this be a viable option? Are Virtual Power Plants (VPP) the real answer for companies to go 100% RE? The answers to all this can only be seen in due course of time. But, lets remain optimistic as ever and do our bit.

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