Regenerative Thinking – Going beyond Sustainability

What is regenerative thinking and going beyond sustainability?

Today we simply do not have the eco-system to support a sustainable lifestyle for any of us in the urban context. We may be vegetarian, but at some point we may need to fly. We may take public transport, but at some point we may have to use disposable healthcare products. We may use all the reusable products we can, but at some point we will need to use a device, or a system, that uses rare-earth minerals that came from under a forest on the other side of the world. Any sustainable effort in one part of our lives is negated by another integral part of our life. Therefore we need to constantly over-compensate for these inevitable violations of sustainability, with regenerative efforts.

On this podcast episode, Jacob Cherian joins me to share his story of regenerative thinking and how he gets people involved in going beyond sustainability.

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The most common definition of Sustainability is to have low / zero impact which is simply not enough for civilization to course correct. Regenerative, on the other hand means to be of positive impact through our actions.

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People and organisations can participate in Regenerative culture in 3 ways: 

Regenerative Time: By participating in regenerative work like clean-ups and tree planting drives. Here you can participate at a base-skill level– the actual on-ground work. Or at a higher skill level– strategy, content creation, direction, performance. All volunteers for all events fall give regenerative time. This is time spent outside of work hours, for a purpose beyond the self.

Regenerative Premium: Not everyone can spend the time outside of the rate race. However many can spend money that is environmentally positive. Sponsors for all clean-ups and tree-planting drives fall under this category. Individuals that buy lantana furniture or a 4Ocean bracelet, are paying a regenerative premium so that others can do environmentally-positive work.

Regenerative Network: Help spread the word. This podcast for instance, is participating in the movement by amplifying work through the interviewees. It participates by spreading ideas and vocabulary to grow and bind the community.

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