Powered by Nature

Entrepreneurship and innovation are critical to the development of any industrial sector. Renewable energy is no different. There are innovators, entrepreneurs and early adopters. Thinking of entrepreneurship in clean tech the first names that we recognise are probably Elon Musk, Solarcity or even Selco Solar (if you are in India).  But in this post I would like to introduce Lucien Gambarota, a HK based Italian entrepreneur who started building wind and wave power turbines in his spare time while working in a toy factory. Lucien_GambarotaGambarota started his clean tech venture motor wave group in Hong-Kong by building turbines to harness wave energy.

Motorwave Group

The need to harness clean energy in the urban landscapes he started building new wind turbines that could be installed on small rooftops and still generate power. MotorwindRecently he has launched a wind turbine that he calls a typhoon turbine that is capable of harnessing wind energy during typhoons. He has tested them even while driving his car on top speed. Typhoon_turbinesTo know more about Lucien and learn about his products, you could watch these two videos on youtube. The start of motorwave

Looking at the future
Picture courtesy:Motorwave group. For more info check motorwavegroup.

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