The roadmap to Energy Storage

Energy storage has been in the news off late. Elon Musk announcing Tesla Energy will probably be the highlight of the year(Read more about Tesla Energy’s powerwall launch here).  International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has recently published a report on Energy storage. RE_StorageThe report is part of IRENA’s REmap 2030 vision (More on REmap 2030). So far storage with renewable energy was restricted only to pumped storage technology which accounted for 99% of the RE storage. IRENA predicts that in order to achieve its REmap 2030 vision we need to have 150GW of battery storage and 325GW of pumped storage globally.

The approach

Storage_priorityThe report lists 5 priority areas

  • System analysis
  • Storage in remote areas and island nations
  • Consumer located storage
  • Generator located storage
  • Grid located storage

It also portrays the different ways renewable energy can be stored at generator, distributor and end consumer level.

Storage_System_optionsThe energy storage road-map is one more step in the right direction as we are heading to climate change talks in Paris this December.

Read the press release of the report here.

Access the complete report here.

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