Powering Livelihoods: The impact of energy access

Is connection to grid the real measure of energy access? What is the impact of energy access on livelihoods? How has energy access coupled with renewable energy created a new class of entrepreneurs’’?

Abhishek Jain, Fellow & Director of Powering Livelihoods, a CEEW initiative joins meon this episode to share his experience from implementing various energy access projects across India.

Powering Livelihoods aims to boost rural economy through enhanced penetration of decentralised clean energy powered livelihoods at scale. The programme will support five enterprises to complete a commercial pilot and use the results to catalyse the sector through the following key streams of activity:

  • Financial support to enterprise (Grant): ‘Tranched’ grant support to each enterprise to kick-off the commercial pilot and to have financial leverage to raise funds in the form of equity/debt.
  • Non-financial support to enterprise (TA): Based on rigorous needs assessment, enterprises would be provided support services, including mentoring, capacity building, and fund-raising to effectively undertake the commercial pilots.
  • Sectoral growth support: Create sectoral momentum by gaining evidence from the pilots at a meaningful scale and by disseminating the evidence among key stakeholders such as financiers, policymakers, investors and other market enablers.

Connect with Abhishek: https://www.ceew.in/powering-livelihoods | https://bit.ly/3ChTe0v

Artwork courtesy – www.terregeneration.com a content agency specialised in telling stories in climate, biodiversity and sustainability.

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