Best Practices Guide: How to get started with Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rainwater Harvesting? Why is it essential for mega-cities and how can you get one done? All your questions answered on this episode.

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Bengaluru in India is a water stressed city but there are innovative projects that are coming up which aims to reduce the water stress and recharge the ground water.

There are multiple topics that I get to choose from when I look at stories from the global decarbonisation and aspects of sustainability. From time to time I look at weaving in a story featuring an individual who has gone outside the comfort zones to have a positive impact in the space.Ganesh Shanbhag an avid enthusiast who designed his own system joins me to share one such success story.

Hope you found some inspiration to take action from this show. A little bit of nugget and action item was right at the end of the conversation, so hope you dint miss that out.

Water conservation is definitely essential, water stress is hitting  urban centres around the world. This story happened in Bengaluru, India but it wouldn’t be long  if it comes closer to home, so starting acting on it now.

You can connect with Ganesh Shanbhag at ganesh4889[at]

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