Improved air quality in India during COVID-19 lockdown and how to sustain the clean air movement

So, during the COVID-19 lockdown, did you breathe some fresh air? If you live close to a river, maybe you saw a cleaner version of it. Or you may have also spotted some distant object, maybe even a mountain. India was no different. The air quality improved during the lockdown but how can India sustain this clean-air movement post COVID-19. On this episode, we’ll pick up the topic of air quality and particularly in India. India has a few cities with poor air quality but in the recent lockdown, it got better. So how did India perform during the lockdown in terms of air quality and what are the lessons learnt that can be implemented in the post-COVID era?

Tanushree Ganguly a researcher from CEEW joins me to share her views on these issues. Topics discussed include India’s National Clean Air Plan, recommendations for improving air quality and small actions that we can take to help do our bit for preserving the air quality.

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The three point action item towards the end was a perfect way to sum-up the situation in India and plan ahead for the post-COVID era.

  1. Improve the number of monitoring stations
  2. Improve the inspection & capacity building
  3. Bailouts to industries and corporations with strings attached
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Action items from this week’s episode include

  • Composting – waste segregation
  • Being vigilant against polluters
  • Opting for clean mobility
  • Keeping a check on indoor air pollution

About Tanushree

Tanushree Ganguly is a researcher at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water.   Following a brief stint as an environmental consultant in the United States, Tanushree has spent the last three years on finding solutions for the worsening air quality in Indian cities.  Her current work focuses on assessing the potential of alternative methods of monitoring air quality  and finding ways to strengthen air quality management in Indian cities. Reach out to Tanushree: LinkedIn–  Twitter – @tanushree_g

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  1. Tanushree Madam proved her mantle by proving an excellent insightful study and analysis about pollution inducing economic agencies.
    She hadnt left any further questions to be asked post discussion.
    She has in fact shared remedies to study and reduce pollution after country’s economic strive back post lockdown.

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