Water Conservation: How technology enables us to get better at it?

Well, wherever you are in the world, at this point in time, i.e. April 2020, stay safe, stay indoors and follow the recommendations of your local government agencies. The COVID 19 is the biggest crisis of our lifetime and I’m sure with our collective efforts and basic courtesies we can win this over. Again, I’m taking this opportunity to thank all the front-line workers including doctors, medical practitioners and support services for their relentless pursuit. 

But as always there is a latest episode of the Mission Shunya podcast. This week’s theme is water. The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs is one of the focus areas as we transition to a zero carbon economy. Access to clean water is a key  SDG. During these times, when the resources and access to it is limited we always tend to get a little judicious, no matter which country you live in. The company I’m featuring today, offers purified water, on a pay as you use model. A model that has ensured water wastage has come down after people adapted this solution. So, listen in to this week’s episode featuring Vikram and his company, OCEO water.

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To know more about OCEO Water check OCEO Home Page

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