Why I started a podcast?


It’s been over a year and half since the launch of my first podcast (Check this if you haven’t listened to it yet). As I look to ‘hit refresh’ and launch it in a new avatar, I ask the crucial question, ‘Why I started it in the first place?’ It boils down to just 3 things.


My work is fun
To put it in a simple line, I enjoy my work and I like to talk about it outside of the ‘ Mon-Fri/ 9-5’ kinda schedules. The blog was the first step in that regard (A post you might like from my archives). But, you need to evolve with times and content consumption has moved from texts to audio to a large extent and hence I diversified into a new medium. So, my blog today supports every audio podcast episode I release.


Create an awareness
The clean-tech sector in India has witnessed a rapid growth ever since I began my career nearly 8 years ago. I have been fortunate to be on its learning curve right through this period. Beginning with solar power and moving onto my current role in energy storage and electric vehicles, I have managed to be where the action is. It’s not as popular as a IT, E- Commerce, Embedded systems or  VLSI domains, especially if you are from Bengaluru, so that everyone talks or understands it. But, the impact of the sector is phenomenal. Sample this, nearly every household in the remotest part of India is now electrified, the only way in which the pollution in cities can be controlled is by switching to electric (The Delhi case, from the archives). Be it vehicles or silent and emission free power sources, the only possible solution to climate change mitigation is the clean-tech transition.

Unify the voices

The voices on the podcast include, a state government minister, advisor to the central government, programme head for the world’s largest LED programme, CEOs from the top Indian RE firms and more…

I always look forward to the interactions with other industry colleagues and leverage their knowledge and experience. Over the years I have realised that it is essential to unify the voices and engage all the relevant stakeholders to ensure sustainable development in the sector. As part of the policy advocacy efforts it is essential to be well informed and having a platform that gets the people who matter on board is special.

Overall, it has been a wonderful journey to the only podcast for clean-tech in India so far. But, like all good things it needs to get better and that is exactly what will happen in the next couple of months.  Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it and look forward to even bigger collaborations!

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