Solar-diesel Hybrid projects

While working at juwi I had an opportunity to evaluate the product solar-fuel saver for Indian markets. juwi was a pioneer in the product which it developed in 2012-13. (More info) The period also witnessed a rise in fuel prices and this product was an interesting proposition in combining solar with existing diesel generators and thereby reducing diesel consumption.

Check out this video on working of the solar fuel saver

The product was always attacking a niche market and hence when the oil prices started to drop, there was a considerable loss in interest. However, juwi managed to look into a different sector and also worked at integrating battery storage into this equation. A result of this work is the project that is currently being executed by juwi for Sandfire Resources in Australia (More info). I’m very glad that this 10.6MWp project with 6MWh of battery storage is on track for completion in Q1 2016. This will pave way for more companies to incorporate solar power into their systems not only to reduce electricity costs but also increase their sustainability quotient.

This video exemplifies the pride Sandfire have in executing this project, the biggest for a company in the mining industry.

Image courtesy:juwi

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