Solar Rooftop Calculator

The Ministry for New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), India has finally launched an online solar PV calculator. This one has come a little late from the Govt., many solar power developers have integrated their own calculators on their websites (Even I had one for my blog).


  • It is currently only for rooftop projects
  • The meteo data is general for specific states, it is not location specific.
  • It gives preliminary results of payback with and without subsidy.
  • It also estimates payback based on your current grid tariffs.
  • You could also check financing details by entering the debt terms in the tool.
  • Payback
  • Overall its a good start, but has a long way to go. Check this for an online tool from NREL.  (PVWatts)

References: MNRE SPIN; NREL PVWatts; Online Calculator.

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