The hottest year ‘2014’

NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists have now confirmed that 2014 was the hottest year on record since 1880, from when we have analytical data. 2010 was the hottest year before 2014 and the thirteen of the fifteen hottest years have now occurred since 2000. The temperature for 2014 was higher by 0.69°C (1.24°F) higher than the 20th century average. The reasons are well known now, global warming! We are putting more CO2 annually. The report has reaffirmed the climate scientists’ warning that with the business as usual global growth we could see a temperature rise in the range of 4°C-6°C compared to the pre-industrial times (18th century) by the end of 2100. A temperature rise of 2°C and above would be catastrophic.

NOAA Sea MonitoringOne of 6300 weather stations from where the data is collected and monitored.

The El-Nino effect

El-Nino which is an ocean oscillation cycle is known to make the ocean water hotter, specially over the pacific and thereby pushing more heat into the atmosphere. However, unlike the previous warmer years where El-Nino had a role to play 2014 din’t witness the El-Nino effect.

Temperature record

Global Climate Highlights

Global_Climate_Events_2014The hottest year records were broken locally in several countries and regions including Alaska, UK, Austria, Iceland, Germany and Australia. On the contrary several countries witnessed unusual spells of rain including France, Turkey and even India.

Interactive climate hot spots : FinlandAnd most importantly the arctic ice cover continues to fall.

Check this interactive info graphic from The Guardian to find other significant climate events.

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