Connecting the world from Africa


Its hard to miss the tagline and move on without reading more about the story. Its the story of a device that was specifically designed for use in the African continent that overcomes the connectivity issues and lets you stay connected with the world. Internet penetration is on the rise in Africa and it is now just a question of tapping on the internet and staying connected. BRCK allows you to do just that. No matter what the type of connection is available in the region, you could use the device to connect. It allows 3G mobile SIM based connection, Wi-fi based connectivity and the grand old Ethernet cable connection. The coolest part of this is the seamless switching that happens between the available connections to ensure you are connected and all this comes with a cool 8hr battery backup and an option to charge the device with a solar cell.


The router can connect with up to 20 devices and it is proclaimed to the beginning to the internet of things in Africa.

Listen to this episode from BBC Click and know more about the team behind the BRCK.


Well, there are a lot of good reviews about the product and here are a few good ones.

BRCK about


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