Creating a web calculator using Excel

WoW! This makes system designs on blogs very easy!
With this tool, I will be coming up with interactive system designing tools.

Using Excel on the Web

Another typical use of Excel is a calculator. In the example below, it is a simplified version of a refinance calculator.

Users can enter new values for the loan, current and new interest rates, and the refinance fees, and get a calculation a graph for when the new mortgage will pay off.

In order to allow people to enter data in cells, you need to set AllowInteractivity=True and AllowTyping=True.

Step by step:

  1. Create the workbook
  2. Save or upload the workbook to a public folder in
  3. Get the embed code for that workbook
  4. Embed it in your web page
  5. Change AllowInteractivity to true
  6. Change AllowTyping to true

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