Whats the carbon footprint of a cup of tea?


Do you know an average coffee and tea consumer could end up with the same amount of Co2 (or in this case its Co2equivalent) as a car?

This is called the embodied energy. All goods are produced with a certain energy consumption and it in energy terms is a equivalent of Co2.

So whats the carbon foot print of a cup of tea?

It could vary between 21g of Co2e to over 300g of Co2e and it all depends on how you take your drink.

The figure of 21g of Co2e is assumed you take your drink the natural way by just boiling water. The numbers add up when you put milk and water into the equation.


Cows are one of the primary producers of methane.


So the more the milk, the more the Co2e you add up in your drink. A minimum of 50g of Co2e is assumed for a glass of tea with milk & water.

The second part of the equation is water.

Do you boil the exact quantity of water or do you boil a small quantity of water in a big pot? An estimated 20g of Co2e is calculated for boiling double the amount of water for a cup of tea.

The third: Where do you get your coffee/tea powder from?

You cant expect to have a cup of coffee/tea in Russia without importing the seeds in the first place.


Sample this case:The picture shows the source of coffee/tea for the Dutch. It illustrates the net water import into your drink.

In the end: Green tea is  ‘Green’ indeed.







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