Nuclear Energy:The transition step towards Renewable Energy


Just a mention of the name ‘Nuclear energy’ can spark of a debate, but I’m just positioning it in the scene of energy transition and in that perspective nuclear energy is definitely in the right place.
Energy transition is a periodic event, different energy sources have occupied the prime position in different eras and in the current era nuclear energy is just replacing the  era of fossil fuels and ushering the era of renewable energies.
Nuclear energy for sure has its own disadvantages in terms of pollution in the environment and the possible health hazards that can be caused by even a small radiation leak, but I’m not centering my discussion on that, it’s about the role nuclear energy has played in the developmental economy.
Consider this for a case, countries that have seen major development post the second world war have all invested on nuclear energy. The depletion of oil reserves can be a major cause for this shift but the cost factor of nuclear energy which is cheaper to produce compared to the rest can’t be ignored. Now, uranium reserves are depleting and the developed economies are looking for alternatives. Germany and Japan have decided to shut down their nuclear power plants over a period of time and Germany plans to go all green by 2020. Yes, the developed countries are moving towards renewable energies.
Under developed and developing countries for sure require power and it cant be economically viable for them to invest right away in renewables. They require a resource that cost less per unit and a trade off with environment can be set aside for the movement. Can nuclear energy be the answer to this puzzle? My opinion is yes, but it requires a global effort.  Developed countries who are economically funding the under developed countries should provide the technical expertise required to set up safe nuclear power plants. Countries like Australia who are investing in renewables should spare their share of uranium to these power plants . Providing independence in power generation in developing countries can be a major factor in their economic development.
It is just a matter of time for the energy transition to move from the era of nuclear energy to the era of renewables and I prefer it to progress from the developed countries to the under developed, who until then tap the power of nuclear energy.

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