100% renewable energy-Its possible!


It is a vision statement for many companies in the sector, they all believe its possible, but a definitive action plan is a ‘work in progress’. I’m convinced that every household can contribute to 4% of that share immediately, yes, every single household. All you need to do is install a single solar panel. So a space requirement of 5 sq.m and sun shine for 5 hours.  The electrical load in households vary through the day, esp at night the load is stable. You might end up using a few fans and a couple of lights post dinner. Now assuming you can power this load through the  energy stored from the solar generation in daytime you are powering through renewables. Now to the math, if energy consumed in a day is 100 % then the energy consumed in a hour is 4%.  Wait, this linear relation doesn’t hold good with electrical consumption but the point i want to drive through is simple: 1 module is all you need to start with. You are into the league of 4% renewable.

Imagine the same with the concept of ‘Earth hour 2013’ switch off for 1 hour and switch on to renewable energy!

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