what next after the year of sustainable energy for all

2013 is here! Move over 2012-the year UN called ‘International year of sustainable energy for all’. Has the target been achieved or  at least has the vision statement seen the darker side of earth.

Time will tell, how long?- 2030! That is when UN expects the dream to be fulfilled.

India- still close to 40% of the population are without electricity. People with electricity are not completely covered. They still have blackouts, in one of the major metros in India there is a 2-3 hour blackout every day.

There is light at the end of the tunnel- Riding on the green wave, more solar power projects are due in 2013.

Tamil Nadu- a target of 1000MW this year

Andhra Pradesh-1000MW

Madhya Pradesh-200MW


All the figures are in line with the National target of 20GW by 2022! Completely powered by sun!


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